Ice Hrm Pro

IceHrm Profession version (in short IceHrmPro) is the feature rich commercial alternative for icehrm opensource version. Following are the main features in IceHrmPro

Advanced Employee Module

Advanced Employee Module

  • Update all employee information without having to switch employees.
  • Search employee skills, qualifications and other information
    easily across whole company.
  • Terminate employees while keeping data in system.
  • Re-enable temporarily terminated employees with one click.
  • Employee archive feature to archive data of terminated employees.
  • Change field names (e.g SSN to National ID)
  • Add custom fields

Leave Management

Leave module is only available in IceHrm Pro or Enterprise versions. IceHrm leave module is a complete leave management system for any type of a company

To learn more about leave management in icehrm refer:

Audit Trial

Sometimes you need to access audit trail for your HRM system. Audit module records all the write actions (which alters your HRM system) of your employees in a quickly accessible and understandable manor. This help you to identify potential issues with the way employees are using the system.

Audit Log

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