Payroll Setup

Payroll Module Usage

IceHrm payroll currently have in-built support for calculating payrolls in Sri Lanka and Ghana. But still you can configure it according to your company needs

  • Store employee salary details with and group into salary components
  • Calculate various deductions
  • Include overtime payments into employee salary slips depending on number of hours
  • Add approved expenses claims into payslips
  • Add salary components based on attendance sheets
  • Allow employees to download payslips in PDF format

Elements of IceHrm Payroll Setup

  • Company Payroll = The section to define which employees need to be added to the payroll
  • Payroll Report = An editable payroll report

Define Payroll Employees and Pay Period

Under Payroll -> Payroll menu there is a tab named “Company Payroll” which you can use to add employees to your payroll. Payroll will be calculated only for the employees added to “Company payroll”. This is because in some cases you need to use different rules to calculate payroll for different employee groups.

When adding a payroll employee you will notice that you need to select a “Pay Frequency”. This should match the “Pay Frequency” of the payroll report. Only then the payroll will be calculated for an employee.