Recruitment Module

Recruitment is only available in IceHrm Enterprise and Hosted Versions

Recruitment module can be used to:

  • Post jobs
  • Let candidates apply for these jobs
  • Schedule interviews
  • Track candidate progress with notes
  • Share job links with linkedIn, facebook, twitter and google+ directly from icehrm

##Recruitment Setup

Recruitment setup menu is available under “Recruitment”=>”Recruitment Setup”. Here you can add/edit Employment Types, Experience levels, Job Functions, Education Levels and Benefits. All these information will be used when posting a job.

Recruitment Setup

##Posting a Job

Jobs can be posted via “Recruitment”=>”Job Positions”. Following table will list out main fields used to create job postings

Fields Description

Job Code

A unique code to identify the job position. Url for applying the job position will contain this code.

Job Title

The job title

Short Description

A short description about the job position. This will be displayed when listing company jobs. The public url for companies open positions is,


Full description of the job position

Show Salary

Whether you want to show the salary range for this job position


Keywords for improving search and SEO


Only active jobs will get listed


Attach an image if you want to show an image with job listing

###Job Position - Display Type

You should select a display type when posting a job position. This section details the for display types supported y icehrm

Fields Description

Text Only

Only text will be displayed
e.g: Text ad

Image Only

Only an image will be displayed. The image for the ad should be provided in Image field when creating job position
e.g: Image only ad

Image and Full Text

Use this display type when you want to show an image for the job position with a full description and details such as salary, requirements and benefits.

Image and Other Details

Use this display type when you want to show an image for the job position only with a minimum set of meta data about the job position such as salary, employment type, experience, job functions and closing date.

##Sharing your job position on social media and using direct links

You can share created job positions on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly from IceHrm using social links on job positions module. Also you can get a direct link to the job position which you can send via email or any other media by clicking on “Job Link” icon.

Recruitment Job Position Sharing