Setup Rest Api

Setup IceHrm REST Api - Nginx

IceHrm includes a REST api but it needs to be configured via web server configurations.

Basically all the requests coming to icehrm.url/app/api/ should be redirected to icehrm.url/app/index.php

For an example if you are using Nginx web server you need to add following location block inside your sever block in Nginx config file for your site

location /app/api/ {
    try_files $uri /app/api/index.php?/$uri&$args;

If IceHrm is not loaded from web root, for an example if your icehrm url is instead of you should add any directory in relative path to location block as in following example

location /icehrm/app/api/ {
    try_files $uri /icehrm/app/api/index.php?/$uri&$args;