Setup IceHrm Development Environment

IceHrm development environment is packaged as a Vagrant box. It includes php7, nginx, phpunit and other software required for running icehrm

Preparing development VM

  • Clone icehrm from or download the source

  • Install Vagrant

  • Install Vagrant host updater plugin

  • Run vagrant up in icehrm root directory (this will download icehrm vagrant image which is ~1 GB)

~ $ vagrant up
  • Run vagrant ssh to login to the Virtual machine
~ $ vagrant ssh
  • Install ant build in your VM
~ $ sudo apt-get install ant
  • Build Icehrm (your icehrm root directory is mapped to /vagrant/ directory in VM)
~ $ cd /vagrant
~ $ ant buildlocal
  • Navigate to to load icehrm from VM. (user:admin/pass:admin)

  • Runing unit test

~ $ cd /vagrant
~ $ phpunit

Note to Developers

Every time you change icehrm code you need to execute "ant buildlocal" in your VM before testing