Difference - Attendance and Timesheets

In icehrm time cards are implemented using time sheets. Time sheets (http://blog.icehrm.com/docs/timesheets/) and attendance are different concepts in icehrm.


Attendance represent the time you were in office. It do not store what kind of a work you’ve been doing or on which project you have been working on. Also attendance can not be approved.

  • Admins can monitor attendance via Employees->Monitor attendance
  • Employees can register attendance via Time Management -> Attendance

Time Sheets

Time sheets and time entries represent actual work you have been doing. A time sheet which represent one week can have multiple time entries. Once an employee completed a time sheet they can send it to direct supervisor for approval.

Timesheets can be accessed via Time Management -> Timesheets

You can export a report on daily time sheet details using “Employee Time Tracking” report under Reports -> Reports module