Time Sheets

Time sheet is a document which indicates the hours an employee has worked, generally separated by days of the week.

In IceHrm employees can edit time sheets under Time Management -> Time Sheets. Current week time sheet is automatically created and time sheets for past weeks can be created by clicking “Create Previous Timesheet” action button of a time sheet.

By clicking edit time sheet button you can start adding time entries to the time sheet. Time entries can be associated with projects. These projects are created under Admin -> Projects/Client Setup module.

Allow employees add time for only project assigned to them

By default all employees are allowed to add time entries for all the projects defined. But you can assign projects to employees under “Employee Projects” tab of the “Projects/Client Setup” module and change the setting “Projects: Make All Projects Available to Employees” to “No” in order to let employees add time entries for projects assigned to them.

Prevent employees from adding time sheet entries during days they have not marked Attendance

Change the setting “Attendance: Time-sheet Cross Check” to “Yes” in order to prevent employees from adding time sheet entries for time periods they were not in the office.